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Resilience Centre Switzerland

Aeschengraben 16

CH-4051 Basel 

Phone +41 61 482 04 04​



The Resilienz Zentrum Schweiz has many years of experience in conceptual and strategic consulting. Our focus is to promote resilience both preventively and in concrete change processes. 


Our aim is to make the world a little more resilient thanks to resilient thought and behaviour patterns!


We achieve a sustainable effect on the one hand by conveying core competencies and by promoting resilient behaviour patterns and resilient circumstances/conditions in organisations (organisational resilience). 


We work experience-oriented, creative and practical in German, French and English.


We are successfully active in the following industries:


  • Health Care

  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

  • Finance and Insurance

  • Service Providers

  • Automobile Industry

  • Retail &Trade

  • SMEs and craft enterprises

  • Public institutions and administrations

  • Non-Profit Organizations


Creativity is intelligence, having fun.

Albert Einstein