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Resilience Centre Switzerland

Aeschengraben 16

CH-4051 Basel 

Phone +41 61 482 04 04​



Resilience includes personality traits but also thought and behavior patterns that are helpful for stabilization in challenging situations. Current research shows that resilience is not an innate personality trait, but can be trained and anchored. 


The mental fitness studio for regular strengthening of mindfulness and resilience.


Individual and team coaching for difficulties, challenges and other adversities.


To impart knowledge and sensitise you to your needs and target group.


A varied offer around the topics Resilienz, stress and attentiveness.


Well-Being & Resilienz Coach Training for more resilience and well-being in everyday working life.

Consulting & Process Facilitation

In principle, we follow a systemic approach and see ourselves as a process consultant and facilitator for individuals, teams and organisations. When developing resilient cultures and behavioural patterns, we take into account the initial situation, the objectives and existing resources and, based on this, create an individual development programme.

We offer our services in German, English and French. Contact us for a personal consultation. We look forward to getting to know you!