Want to be happier but not sure how?

Journalling is recommended by GPs, psychotherapists, and counsellors as a way to improve mindset, happiness and well-being. Benefits include reducing stress, allowing self-expression, self-acceptance, inspiring creativity, organising thoughts, and setting and achieving clear goals.


What's included?
Much more than a traditional journal, this guides you with advice, questions, and prompts to keep you writing and thinking positively. The slow and steady approach to create long-lasting change offers wisdom and a structure so you can uncover personal insights about who you are, and what you need in your life to be happy.

Part One

This comprises of a series of short chapters which explain the power of positive habits, and science-backed happiness techniques such as gratitude, mindfulness, meditation, contribution, exercise, nutrition, affirmation, goal setting, laughter (and more).


Part Two
The Journal. Each daily page includes a list of short questions and prompts based on the tools outlined in part one. These are carefully selected bullet points requiring only a few words or lines.

At bedtime, you'll go through a quick checklist and reflect on your day. That's it, simple. Why overcomplicate things! You'll also have unlimited access to our private Facebook Group of like-minded journallers who will offer invaluable support, and guidance just when you need it. 


You deserve to be happy. Join the thousands of people who have found true meaning with The Way of the Tortoise Happiness Journal.

  • Reduce stress 
  • Set clear goals
  • Maintain a positive mindset by applying simple techniques
  • Stay inspired with inspirational quotes on every page 
  • Get yourself thinking with bonus weekly questions
  • Chart your happiness levels with a monthly habit tracker 
  • Reprogramme your mind for positivity with the bonus affirmation list
  • Inspiring real-life stories and case-studies
  • 120 daily journal pages (4 months)
  • Get money off future-purchases with our special bonus bookmark
  • Join our supportive network of journallers

A Journal to Happiness

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  • Titel: A Journal to Happiness

    Untertitel: The Way of the Tortoise

    Sprache: Englisch

    Autor: Klaus White and Gal Avraham

    Format: Buch, fester Einband

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    Jahr: 2019